Our Story

Our Story

The seed of our organization took root on the Hawaiian Islands where we have built and strengthened ties between communities, local businesses and travellers.

Due to the on-going volcanic activity, the land mass of Hawaii is continually growing. We have always felt that the physical growth of the island is symbolic, a representation that reveals Hawaii’s welcoming and outward-looking spirit. Yellow Hibiscus undertakes to mirror this positive and inclusive stance as we continue to provide the best travel experiences to Hawaii while also working with island based tourism professionals and travellers from around the world.

We have made it our life’s ambition to do our part towards maintaining the integrity of local culture, tradition and the environment, so indigenous people and travellers alike can continue to enjoy the authentic beauty and culture found in small island communities.

For our consulting clients.Yellow Hibiscus Tourism Advisorswork with you to provide insight, oversight and foresight, helping you find realistic and workable solutions that help you grow your tourism business at every level. From the very start we ensure communication channels are clearly established allowing our partnerships to work together in order to form a mutually beneficial development opportunity for both tourism operations and the local community.

For our travelling clients. We help you to fully take advantage of your authentic Hawaii travel experience. We provide a magical gateway to Hawaii’s most exciting island tours, amazing activities and ocean front accommodations. Look no further for excellentopportunities on flights, hotels, car rentals and other fabulous deals and promotions island wide. Yellow Hibiscus constantly raises the bar when it comes to life-changing travel experiences whilst maintaining and extending affordable prices, easy-access platforms and the best customer service to all of our valued clients.