Capital and largest city: Honolulu

State Nickname: Aloha state.

Hawaii motto: The Life of the Land is perpetuated in Righteousness

Must try food in Hawaii: Poi, LomiLomi Salmon, HuliHuli Chicken, Spam Musubi, Loco Moco, Malasadas

Hawaii Population (2014 estimate): 1.4 million

Climate: Primarily tropical temperature at sea level which ranges from 85-90 F in summer to 79-83 F in winter.

Time zone: Hawaii observes Hawaii – Aleutian Standard Time (HST) all year. There are no daylight-saving time clock changes

Language: English, Hawaiian

Area Code: 808

Currency: US Dollar

State bird: Nene (Hawaiian goose)

State flower: Ma’ohau hele (Yellow Hibiscus)

State tree: Kukui tree (candlenut tree)

State fish: Reef triggerfish (Humuhumunukunukuapuaa)

State mammal: Hawaiian Monk seal

State insect: Kamehameha butterfly

State dance: Hula

Statehood: August 21,1959.

Area of Hawaii state: 10,931 Sq. miles (28,311 Sq. Km)