The seed of our organization took root on the Hawaiian Islands; where we have made it our life’s ambition to do our part towards maintaining the integrity of local culture, tradition and the environment, so indigenous people and travelers alike can continue to enjoy the authentic beauty and culture found in small island communities.

Due to the on-going volcanic activity, the land mass of Hawaii is continually growing. We believe that the physical growth of the islands is symbolic, a representation that reveals Hawaii’s welcoming and outward-looking spirit.

Yellow Hibiscus undertakes to mirror this positive and inclusive stance.We understand that working with every client and in every community is a privilege, this is why we approachevery project with sensitivity and understanding. We wantto gain the best insight into business needs, goals and vision so we are able to provide the best direction, support and development planning needed for the prosperity and long-term viability of our clients, the indigenous people, the local economy and the environment.


Yellow Hibiscus Tourism Advisors features a small and uniquely diverse team of individuals. Our heart and mission are strong. We want island-based businesses to be successful and have combined our 50+ years of tourism experience, cultural knowledge and island up-bringing to achieve this.

Our team holds advanced degrees from local University in Sales & Marketing, Hospitality Management, Sustainable Tourism and Economic Development, Cultural Studies, and Anthropology. We have worked for airlines, hotels, B&B’s, museums, travel companies, sightseeing companies, restaurants, attractions, vacation rental space and national parks.

We are a group of trusted long-time tour and travel professionals who always put our customers and communities first. We advocate for and actively lobby to raise awareness about the importance of socially and environmentally responsible tourism throughout our islands that provide sound long-term economic and wage growth plan.


At Yellow Hibiscus Tourism Advisors we take our Kuleana (responsibility) to our clients, the local community and the environment seriously.

We are dedicated to maintaining our integrity, upholding our values and fulfilling the core purpose of our business, which is to conduct business in a responsible manner. This includes respecting all people, cultures and local environments; providing support in economic and wage growth; acting in good will; and encouraging the exchange of cultural values.

Our values are more than just words on a page; they are ingrained in our ethos; in the way we approach and work with our clients, stakeholders and local communities; as well as in the daily operations of our offices and team members.

We believe by developing strong partnerships, together we can remove barriers, enabling us to manage threats to local culture, economy and the environment. We believe that by having good governance in place, collectively we will be able to understand, measure and manage the impact mass tourism has on society and the environment.



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