Yellow Hibiscus Tourism Advisors is an organization driven by a strong passion for Hawaii’s enchanting islands and communities. We firmly believe that sustainable tourism can only be guaranteed when the host communities are seen as important stakeholders and willing partners in the tourism industry. Bearing this in mind, at the Yellow Hibiscus Tourism Advisors, our services offered to other partners are tailored to ensure Hawaii’s Island communities benefit in the following ways:

  • Creation of Local Jobs
  • Education and Training
  • Funding (or in-kind contributions for training, cultural or conservation programs)
  • Cultural Education and Awareness (Host and Guest)
  • Increase in wages
  • Increase spending in the local community that stays in the local community
  • Creation of high value low volume tourism
  • Reduction in commercialization of cultural elements for entertainment purposes.
  • Aid in bridging the divide between host culture and tourism industry.
  • Measurement and management of current and future impact on natural resources
  • Supply of appropriate technology
  • Infrastructure and planning for long term viability