A Hawaii State of Mind

by admin • December 1, 2017

With a population of just 1.429 million people, Hawaii is the tenth smallest of America‚Äôs 50 states but one that is, nonetheless, shaking up The American Way in terms of cultural, environmental and quality of life issues. Made up of six main islands, Hawaii, which is the 50th and last-named state of the USA, is […]

Carbon Footprints in the Sand

by admin • September 8, 2017

Each year, visitors from around the world return home from their Hawaii vacation with Aloha shirts, pineapples and a lifetime of memories. Sadly, other things that are taken from the islands are the dignity and cultural history of the natives, features that are constantly being eroded with every hotel and tourist attraction that is constructed. […]

Your Guide – An Environmentally Friendly Hawaiian Wedding

by admin • August 24, 2017

An oceanfront wedding in Hawaii. A dream come true for many. The beaches in Hawaii are undisturbed by man for the most part and are a natural gift for people to humbly enjoy. If you do decide to have a destination wedding in Hawaii, it is important that you respect the natural environment, and marry […]