An oceanfront wedding in Hawaii. A dream come true for many. The beaches in Hawaii are undisturbed by man for the most part and are a natural gift for people to humbly enjoy. If you do decide to have a destination wedding in Hawaii, it is important that you respect the natural environment, and marry in a way which protects and preserves the land. Here are a few suggestions on how you can have an environmentally friendly island style wedding.

Make use of the local culture and customs

When it comes to getting married in Hawaii, it is well worth taking into consideration where you are. Hawaii is such a rich place regarding cultures and values, and to not implement them into your wedding is an opportunity which would be wasted. People in Hawaii believe that there should be a good relationship with nature; one in which you don’t ask more of nature than is fair, and that you look after the lands for the next generation. This means that a lot of the culture in the area is built around being sustainable and reusing things as much as possible, to avoid damaging the environment. When using candles, flowers and centerpieces, consider gifting them to your guests, so you’re respecting nature in the way we are called to do. Consider offering leis to your guests, not only is it tradition, it is a beautiful representation of love and respect, not to mention the underlying meaning it offers in marriage of eternal love and commitment to each other, which is truly romantic when framed against a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.

Get your food locally

When the ceremony is over, and you’re now happily married, you’ll have guests to feed, and the excitement of the day has probably worked up an appetite for you too! However, you’ll want to feed your guests in a way which is beneficial to the environment and you, so we suggest looking around the local area for catering companies and foods which have been sourced locally. Not only can you then enjoy food which has come straight from the farm or ocean to the wedding table, but you’re also helping to support the local the economy. Some local suggestions include a few of my childhood favorites huli-huli chicken, laulau, poi and haupia.

Overall, these are just a few of the ways that you can marry in Hawaii and still be in harmony with the environment. If you’re in Hawaii, then you’re in for a beautiful wedding location, but this is only because the local people have such a good relationship with the environment, and they work very hard to make sure that the land is well looked after. If you’re going to marry there, it is important you adhere to their principles about being conscious of the way you choose to act while you’re there. Once you understand and embrace the culture and traditions, you’ll find that you can have a natural wedding which is not only perfect but also interwoven with Hawaiian values of love, commitment and integrity.