Inspired Ideas, Holistic Approaches, Sustainable Results

Aloha and welcome to Yellow Hibiscus Tourism Advisors

Yellow Hibiscus Supports Best Practice Approaches to Business Growth and Cultural and Environmental Sustainability.

An integrated and holistic method to economic growth and equitable flow of benefits leads to healthy and thriving communities which are the hallmark for a successful tourism industry.

Tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy however with this, there are inevitable consequences. These consequences come in many forms; economic, social, cultural and environmental. In each case, they both bring positive and negative effects.

That is why we have made it our motivation to alleviate the negative impacts and leverage the positive, measured contribution of tourism to the Hawaiian Islands that will enhance quality of life for the local community as well as the visitor.

Yellow Hibiscus Tourism Advisors was born out of our direct experience working with island-based businesses and our track record of providing incredible travel experiences for visitors to Hawaii.

Also, known as the ‘Aloha state’, Hawaii is an island that deeply invests in its people, ‘aloha’ is a Polynesian word that comes from ‘alofa’, which signifies ‘love’, ‘compassion’ and ‘mercy’. We believe these core values have guided the way in which we conduct all business. Not only adding immense value amid the interaction between businesses and visitors exploring the island, but also stimulating strong bonds between tourism related businesses based in Hawaii to become a balanced, connected and sustainable thriving entities.

Mahalo nuiloa for your time and interest. We happily invite you to explore our website and contact us with any questions you might have.

E hana me ka ha’aha’a

Why do we exist?

We take a partnership approach and work interactively alongside our clientsin order to create and implement realistic yet creative solutions that achieve goals and are supported by their community. We provide a range of services including market insight, strategic planning, marketing, experience development, storytelling and visitor services that highlight the destinations natural, cultural and economic assets.

How do we do it?

We harness our network of tourism experts and local stakeholders to bring together a team that will offer the best thinking in thoughtful, strategic planning and implementation and employ effective mechanisms for communication with markets, delivery of services and island infrastructure to support visitation and capacity to provide desired outcomes allowing for long term sustainability.

What do we do?

To help our clients and communities with practical and innovative solutions that will assist them in realizing their aspirations, develop workable solutions and extend their management and business capacitiesallowing them to safely and sustainably maximize their potential and develop measures for mentoring, training and other capacity building in order to achieve sustainable ongoing outcomes.